How It Works


Order your meals by Monday 10 pm for that Saturday Delivery. (Minimum order of $50 for delivery) Our new bi-weekly menu is posted every other Tuesday by 2 pm

No Contact Delivery

Meals are prepared with Lots of Love by professional chefs, delivered fresh, never frozen, on Saturdays 12 – 6 pm. Curbside Pickups 10am – 1 pm @ 9150 Academy Road, Phila, Pa 19114


Our fully prepared, delicious and healthy meals are ready to eat in 2 minutes. Saving you time cooking in your kitchen, No Fuss, no dirty dishes!


You can enjoy our meals at the office or at home. Let us do the cooking, so you don’t have to! We also provide catering services for all special events.

Is there a Subscription to this Meal Delivery Service

A LA CARTE -Let’s you order what you want, when you want, with NO Commitments!

Our menu is updated biweekly on Tuesdays.   Cutoff time for orders is Mondays at 10  pm.  Your meals will be delivered the that Saturday between 2 pm & 6 pm, or you can pickup your meals between 11:30 am to 1:30 pm at The Associated Polish Home 9150 Academy Road, Philadelphia, PA 19114, if you have any questions call Anna @ 215-808-8181.


For example:  If you place your order on Monday,  June 3 rd  by 11 pm, your meals will be delivered that Saturday, June 7th.

How to Setup an Account / Change Order / Cancel

How do I setup my account for the first time?

  1. To sign up for an account, go to
  2. Select the meal plan option you would like, Choose either “A LA CARTE” or “MEALS PER WEEK SUBSCRIPTION”
  3. Click “NEW ORDER” next to the meal plan option.
  4. Add items to your cart.
  5. Enter your ZIP CODE and STATE
  6. Select your PICKUP or DELIVERY OPTION.
  7. Review your order
  8. Enter your CREDIT CARD information at the bottom of the page.

How do I place my order each week once I’ve signed up?

  1. Each week you’ll be sent a reminder text.
  2. The text will include a unique LINK.
  3. Click the link to place your order.
  4. Customize your order.
  6. You’ll have until the cutoff time (Mondays at 12 midnight) to make any changes to your order.

How do I place my order from the website?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ORDER NOW
  3. Click “already have an account, log in
  4. Enter your cell phone number
  5. You will receive a text message and an email with a token
  6. Enter the token.
  7. Make your selections!

How do I change my order for the week?

  1. Log in to your account or click the link that was sent to you via text or email.
  2. At the top of the page, you will see “ORDER CONFIRMED” and “EDIT”.
  4. Then click on any of your order ITEMS in GREEN and you’ll be able to make your selections.

How do I skip a week if I’m on a subscription?

  1. Click the link that was texted to you
  2. Click “SKIP” on the menu page.
  3. You are now skipped for the week.

How do I put my subscription on pause?

  1. Go to your account page
  2. Select the subscription you would like to pause
  3. Click on the “EDIT” for the subscription you would like to pause
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the section “PAUSE
  5. Enter the date you would like to pause until

How do I cancel my subscription?

  1. Go to your account page
  2. Select the subscription you would like to cancel
  3. Click on the “EDIT” for the subscription you would like to cancel
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the section “ACTIONS

How do I access my profile?

  1. When you complete your order you will receive an order confirmation.
  2. Click “ACCOUNT” and you will be taken to the account page.

How do I make changes to my preferences?

  1. Login to your account
  2. Next to your subscription, click “EDIT
  3. On this page, you can edit your address, change your email, select Email notifications instead of Text message, and Pause your account.

About Deliveries

Deliveries are made on Saturdays between 12 pm to 4 pm. There’s a delivery charge of $10 on all orders, unless meals are picked up from our commercial kitchen or designated pickup locations at various Crossfit Gyms.  If you are picking up from a Crossfit Gym, you must be a member of that Gym, as refrigeration space is limited and only Gym members are allowed for free pickups.

You will receive a text message of the estimated arrival time of your delivery and the name and number of your driver. Also please have your ice packs from last weeks delivery ready for pick up. If there are questions or requests on the day of delivery, please call 215-808-8181. Thanks!

HARD TO ACCESS PROPERTIES   If you live in a gated community, condo or residential complex where your front door is not accessible without approved access, we will need to receive a FOB, gate code or special instructions on how to complete your delivery.

COOLER & ICE PACKS   Upon delivery, please give your delivery person last week’s insulated bag(s) and ice packs or you can leave it outside for pick up. Bags are only used once, but we recycle our ice packs which are washed after every use and sanitized.  Please leave last week’s insulated bag and ice packs in the same location you’ve instructed us to deliver your meals. 

NOT HOME FOR DELIVERY    If you will not be home during our delivery times Saturdays 12 – 4 pm, please call or send a text that morning by 10 am to 215-808-8181, and we will pack extra ice packs in your delivery bag to ensure your meals stay cold for up to 5 hours.

On hot Summer days and you are not home to receive your meals within 5 hours,  please provide a large hard case cooler large enough for one or two delivery bags outside, so our driver can place your meals into. If you have ordered 11 or more meals, you’ll be receiving 2 delivery bags, so a larger cooler is required. This is especially important on hot summer days.

If you’ve forgotten to leave your empty cooler bag outside with your ice packs, you can do so on your next delivery.

CURBSIDE PICKUPS    from our commercial kitchen are Saturdays 11am – 1 pm @ the Associated Polish Home 9150 Academy Road, Phila, Pa 19114. Please Call when you are outside 215-808-8181

Note: Pickups will not have ice packs inside bags

Are the meals fully cooked?

Dishes arrive fully prepared for you to enjoy throughout the week. Meals are Always FRESH, Never FROZEN! All it takes is 2 minutes to reheat and enjoy! If you are unable to consume your meals by the Use By Date, you can freeze your meals up to 1 month and reheat in the microwave for 6 minutes.

Do i need to be at home to receive the deliveries?

No,  but keep in mind we deliver your meals in insulated bags with ice packs that will keep your meals cold for about an hour after delivery, depending on outside temperatures. 
If you wont be home, leave an adequately sized cooler with frozen ice packs that will accommodate our delivery tote pictured below.  Each tote measures 16″W x 13″H x 9″D and can carry “##” meals.  If ordering more than “#” meals, leave a cooler large enough to accommodate the appropriate number of totes.
( 16 in. width  X  13 in.  height   X   9 in. Depth)
Leave cooler outside your house in  a secure location.  We will accommodate your request to leave your meals unattended, as  long as you include special instructions, while placing your order. You can also do so by sending a text message to 215-607-8873 for last minute delivery instructions.
*Please be aware, we are not liable for any lost, stolen, damaged or tampered deliveries, that result from your requests.

How It Works

How are your meals packaged?

Our meals are made fresh to order each week, and delivered in individually packaged, microwave-safe and BPA-free containers, ready-to-eat, right to your door.

How long are your meals good for?

All our meals have a “USE BY DATE” to ensure the best food quality and freshness. Our meals will last about 5 days after your meals are delivered, including the day of delivery itself.
If you’re unable to eat you meal, you can simply freeze them and enjoy it for up to one month from the Use By Date.

How do i heat up my meals

Meals takes typically 2 – 3 minutes on high, but all microwaves are not alike. You know your microwave best, so you may want to try out your first meal at 2 minutes and increase as needed.
You’ll need to transfer your meal into an oven-safe dish and cover the top with foil. Heat in an oven preheated to 325* for 8 minutes, stir once, place back in the oven for 2 more minutes to heat.