Gift Cards can be purchased in various denominations from $50 to $400 and the zip codes are listed to show the various areas that we are currently delivering to. We deliver to Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery and the Main Line. We hope to soon start delivery in parts of New Jersey.

If you cannot find a zip code, perhaps we missed adding it, give us a call at 215-808-8181 and we can add it, if it is part of our current routes.


How to Purchase a Gift Card, then Email it to your Recipients
  1. The gift giver clicks on “purchase a gift card” 
  2. They then enter their information
  3. Next, they will select the amount of the gift card they’d like to give and enter their payment information.
  4. After the payment is received, the gift giver is emailed a digital gift card with a gift card code.
  5. The gift recipient uses that code to checkout when they place their order.

Click on the link below to purchase your gift cards, then click PLACE ORDER


Enter Gift Card number on the last page on the CHECKOUT PAGE


Once they enter in the code exactly as it appears in the download, they will click ‘Apply Code’ and the amount on the gift card will be applied to their order.

If the customer has a gift card that totals over their total order, the remainder will be applied to their account and can be used for future purchases.


You Can also select meals and send them to friends and family

How to send meals to a friend or family member. When checking out, click edit address, then enter address of recipient’s address, under the address enter their name and cell number so we can text them or call them on the day of  delivery to inform them the time their meals will be delivered.