Racier Carrier Macquard Under New Season

Khalil Mack in Auckland raid earned the honor of the best defensive player last season, and cheap nfl jerseys online he gave a higher goal wholesale nfl jerseys for sale himself.

Mike did not want the team’s four-point DRRK Carl (Derek Carr) to tell himself about 30 murder of the single season, he said: “This figure is what I said, but I don’t want him to tell too much. People, he knows how much we work hard, we want to complete such a record. “

Mike’s career-killing record is 15 times in the 2015 season, he only completed 11 times last season. According to the analysis of the ball evaluation website, the pressure of Mike in the last season is 64 times, that is to say he can harvest more.

This snorted Mike also participated in the Tongji Forum held by Denver’s wild horse ball shoe Feng Miller, and many alliances came to the scene, wholesale nfl jerseys including retired Demucus Will (Demarcus Ware) ) And last season of murder data first person Vic BEASLEY.

Mike said that he learned a lot wholesale nfl jerseys from china Will, “learning everyone’s thoughts, and screened to share with others.”

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