Overview: Pony runs to Magong – Mike will absence the next game

Pony ran to Mike Marlon Mack, on the Sunday, his right hand palm fracture, he received surgery on Monday and will absent this week. There is currently no exact recovery schedule, but he is likely to absent a few weeks.

Mike hurts in the third section of the game, he walked 14 times before returning, pushed 109 yards, reached once. Instead of Jonathan Williams, Jonathan Williams, pushed 116 yards, including 48 yards to advance.

Williams and Jordan Wilkins are expected to share Mike’s mission mission.

The following is a message that is worthy of attention on Monday:

1. Lions 4-point guards Matthew-Stafford (back) injury still needs to be recovered in week.

2. The pirates were quasi-Winston’s jameis winston, and it was expected to play this week.

3. The old eagle right off Renre – John Johnson is accepting the brain shock inspection process. The first round of Show Andre Dillard will replace him attending training.

4. Giants near-end Front Evan Engram has taken off the protection boots and will gradually increase the training.

5. Jet left cut Kieke-Bi Tmin beachum ankle recurrence, but it is not as serious as before. Xiu Die Cheaba-Aida (ankle, knee) injury is restored in day.

6. Steel man running James Conner is not deteriorated, but it is still not sure whether the game can be played this week.

7. Wild Horse New Show 4-point Delu Rock (Drew Lock) may be activated and cheap nfl jerseys for sale served as a substitute.

8. Texas people offensive front line members of Sunterel Henderson were removed from the list of non-wrestled injuries.

9. Tigers take over the Auden Tate neck sprain, is accepting the brain oscillating inspection process.

10. Emirates (Emmanuel Ogbah) (Bust) is added to the injury reserve, and the team will deliver an external hand-dieter from the training lineup.

11. The raid man signed the old Wire Wire Wire Wire Preston-Brown, External Dway Harris, cheap jerseys free shipping was added to the injury reserve list.

12. Cowboy angle Anthony-Brown accepts triceps surgery and will be reimbursed in season.

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