Falcion Eagle End Jones: Goal New Season Cover 3000 Code

Beijing July 25th, almost all the news related to Hurio-Jones (JULIO JONES) is ordered to be related to his injury.

What kind of performance in this star is in the new season, cheap china jerseys free shipping there is very little concern.

Jones has a very bold forecast for their 2019 season.

“I won’t lie to you, I will be crazy this year,” Jones said to Atlanta media. “I will be crazy. I have been doing everything that needs to do. I am maintained my body. I am ready from my body and spirit.”

Whether it is “crazy” means that the ball is more than 2000 yards, Jones will set the goal higher.

“Okay, I am not the person who often predicts, but I may boldly predict that the ball will catch more than 3000 yards, you know what I am talking about,” Jones is expressively said.

Calvin Johnson created the current record 1964 yards in 2012, the second is the 1871 yards completed in 2015 in 2015.

The 3000 yards listened to a distant goal, but there is no impossible for cheap china jerseys free shipping Hurio-Jones.

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