NFL prolonging the trusted period of each team can return to the base next week

When the NFL team is gradually restarting the base facility, the alliance has extended the virtual offset period.

NFL President Roger, Roger Goodell, announced that the affiliates of the Alliance will extend for 2 weeks. The original virtual training project ends on Friday.

However, Goodel said in the memo said that the team’s coaches can return to the team base next week.

“We expect teams to include members of the coach group next week to include team employees that can be allowed to return to the base facility,” Gu Del said in the memo. “As for states that have not yet announced specific programs, we are actively cooperating with governors and other states and local agencies, we will determine which day will be returned to the base.”

Therefore, various team coaches will be able to conduct online video conferencing from the team base, while the players participate in the conference through the network. The return of the coach can also lay the foundation for the players in two weeks. In the memo mentioned the process arrangement of the Alliance is negotiating with the players will be developed “Enable at least some players to return to the team base before the end of the course.”

NFL has been run in a completely remote manner than two months, but some teams have rebounded to some staff. Goodel also said that from Monday, Camisetas de fútbol baratas the teams can reopen the ticket office, Camisetas de fútbol baratas retail stores, and Camisetas de fútbol baratas other facilities for consumers, provided that these facilities are fully compliant with the state and camisetas de fútbol replicas local provisions.

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