Jimmy-Glaham is ready to bear the opening of the opening

The proximal edge is not considered an excellent open screen. Whether such an impression is true or wholesale jerseys online his nearest injury affects the ability to open the opening, when he comes to the Seattle Hawks, nfl jerseys we can now understand.

“In the past two years, when I was injured in the New Orleans, I was injured, so I had some gave a job in the season, I just let the opponent players around the road,” Glaham said on the Seattle Media on Monday. “Now I often undertake the opening of the opening, I like to do this. It is very important to be part of the opening cover for me. This is equivalent to 75% offense here. When you have a run like that Wei, you want to open the road for those who have explosive shocks, you want to be part of such a squad attack. “

As for the remaining 25% offense, nfl jerseys Glaham will do his best at what he is best: “The three-speed 10 yard is when I express my own value, this is also when I have become special for the team,” he said. “Just in the red area. That is what I always do. I am involved in most red zones attacks. There are many players to have an advantage and in Ma Shawn Lynch, their safety in the future, their security Wei will not be returned too deep, I can get a lot of opportunities there. “

Glaham will use the red area to get the ball to express their value, but the near-end front is ready to take the opening cover every place.

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