Seattle Seahawks jerseys free shipping cornerback Sherman attacked Bill let rookie quarterback starting Pittman

The Buffalo Bills quarterback Tailuo De – Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) was demoted suffered questioned the decision of the bench. We can imagine Bill’s decision-makers now hope they did not make this decision.

Rookie quarterback Nate starting lineup – Pittman (Nate Peterman) in the first half of the game against the Los Angeles Lightning five passes were steals, this series of mistakes helped the Lightning lead 37-7. Pittman became the first in 2002 for the first time since starting there in the first three passes were steals rookie.

Taylor Pittman was substituted in the second half.

Seattle Seahawks jerseys free shipping wholesale Seattle Seahawks jerseys from china cornerback Richard – Sherman (Richard Sherman) is clearly concerned about this game. With the game he said on Twitter: “So they let my friend Tailuo De – Taylor while they sit on the bench to replace him, hath 2 passes were steals in the first 10 minutes left . really great decision. “he then said:”.. doubt after the game talking about how they will Tailuo De – Taylor … just a bad game he becomes a substitute in the performance of such half after the couple will be laid off it? “

Pittman’s hard not to feel sorry. The five quarterbacks show the face of one of the league’s best pass rush defense group level. And Bill’s decision has been criticized nature.

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