Tennessee Titan will cut off the Di Dian – Lewis

Can Tennesi Titan have successfully retained to RiRK-Henry or an unknown, but we know DiON Lewis will not work with him in the distance.

Titan will cut Lu Lis.

Lewis signed a $ 20 million contract with Titan in the 2018 break stage.

In the first season of Titan’s effectiveness, Lewis participated in the team’s 61% offensive, completed 155 sho, cheap jerseys from china 59 times, a total of 917 yards, 2 times. But last season, after Henry became the team main running guard, Lewis’s appearance time dropped to 37% offense. He only issued 1 time last season, wholesale jerseys from china the total public walked 209 yards, and the 164 yards were taken 1 time.

Lewis was selected by the Philadelphia eagle in the fifth round of the 2011 draft, and then he was working with Cleveland Brown and Indiana Polis, but he did not get an opportunity in the two teams. But after joining the new England patriot in 2015, cheap jerseys for sale he played a famous hall. In 2017, he played his career best performance. The rush was 896 yards and 6 times, and the ball got 214 yards and 3 times, and also achieved 1 time.

Crave Lewis allows Titan’s Day more than $ 4 million.

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