Vic bullet passed the teammate’s finger

34-year-old Michael Vick has lost its rapid speed, excellent sports talent, wholesale New England Patriots jerseys free shipping and the organizational skills of the game. But the left arm of the cannon is good, and the nearest training New York jet’s proximal pointer, wholesale jerseys online Jeff Cumberland, can prove this.

According to the New York Metro Times, cheap New England Patriots jerseys Last Week lost to Buffalo Bill, Victor broke the middle finger of Cumberland, when Camberm tried to pass the Publoma to pick it. Cumberland did not confirm the details of the fracture. He said after the game: “I tried to catch the ball, just a smart location and a smart point of time being encountered.”

Defensive Dragonfly Sheldon Richardson highly praised Victor: “I think he is still, why? He can make the ball hot, he let Jeff’s finger fractured, so I I feel that his state is still there. “

Only those players who have worked with Vic know his abilities, wholesale jerseys free shipping and the 70 yards of his arms taken out are you can see. However, Camberland’s finger fracture is due to high speed pass, saying that the truth is indeed a bit unexpected.

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