Xiaobie venue landing air capture San Francisco, the red ramp wins and escapes the bottom of the partition

On the 5th week of the regular season, Beijing time October 7, 8:30 on October 7th, Arizona Redshis went to the scene to challenge 49 people in San Francisco. Two teams currently in the bottom of direct shipping from china will fight for their ranking. This game Color Rush is due to the conflict of the two teams, Arizona’s rickets will use the original jersey to replace the entire black special shirt.

Due to last week’s unexpected injury, the Carson Palmer and 49 people Navorro Bowman were not treated this week because of brain shock and bleck breakage. . This is a fatal blow to the offensive group and defensive group of both parties. Of course, for two 1 wins and 3 negative teams, this game is also the best time to make adjustments.

JJ-Nelson (J. J. Nelson) comes with speed advantage to come to the 43 yards, providing a good kick position for the replacement quartz STANTON. As a result, David Johnson rushed out of 15 yards for the first time, the offense of the red ramp was fell into a rigid and quickly discarded. This wave of offensive reflects the impact of the two officers and defense generals on their respective teams. With the excellent defense of Chandler Jones and the second-line Tyranieu, 49 people offensive groups were also forced to go quickly. Then both parties have a bright spot, but they have not advanced to the effective position. After 6 abandoned, the first game ended.

The second quarter has not improved both parties. After several abandonment, 49 people Jeremy Kerley began to lead the offensive group, and the ball was 63 yards in 4 codes, including a 9-yard ball reachable. In addition, the four-point Webbert and the Carlos Hyde also contributed 25 yards in this attack. 49 people have 4:12 seconds in the fourth quarter, the first use 7 points to break the deadlock. Then, the two sides were again caught in an offensive quagmire, but the red rheina defensive meticulous work, the inside Wei Kaiwen-KEVINTER shot passed by the defensive end Khales – Campbell Completed the air. The quarter is not expensive, and the plug-of-Fitzgerald 21 code is connected to the Larry Fitzgerald 21k code, and Fitzgerald is easy to walk into the end area. The red ramp is a wave attack 7-7 equalize the score. The two-shifting of the two quickly completed the arrival of the arrival of the self, and the first half score was also fixed at 7-7.

In the first half of the first half of the first kick attack, there was a mistake, Chris Davis’s drop was picked up by Uphifi Momah, and the rickets started at the other 14 yards. attack. Originally, because of attack, there is a 4-yard shot of 4 yards, but because of the rebarhrd Robinson’s collision, Roughing to THE Kicker helped the red squat four gear conversion success. Thus the Johnson 4 yards reaches the ball, and the Palk 14-7 leads 49 people. On the other hand, the offensive group of 49 people still has no improvement. When the ball is coming to the red ramp, Johnson’s 28-yard powerful scorpion and Fitzgerald’s 38 yards are advanced (a 29-yard pass to Deta) successively, the red rickets will be different after the second half. Pulled to two reaches. 49 people seem to have changed the offensive strategy, Gibot, Hyde and Mike Davis Mike Davis Rotary Running Ball, Hyde ended this round of attack with a 1 code shock. This is his sixth shock ball in this season, buy cheap jerseys online and continues to have a league in this data. In the third quarter, the last 1:50 seconds did not progress.

At the beginning, At the beginning, Gibd’s wrong choice and bad pass let the corner Markus Cooper completed the second copy of the second. The ramp offensive group also promoted in the other side 24 code line, Chandler Catanzaro hits 36 码 码. Gabot was killed by Markus Golden, and the ball was kicked by Markus Golden. Johnson used strong sports and 21 yards to help the team advance. After a break on the scene, Johnson continued to harvest personal in the second time in the second time. The rickets were left to 49 people to fill a gap between 17 points at 4:44. In the case of the official suspension of the official suspension, the short-range stable passage of the short-distance helping the team in Gabot helped the team before the end of the terminal, but to face the fourth file. Take a break, Matthew’s discussion interference (pass interface “makes 49 people return to life again. Gibot lies a little lax felt defensive group before 1 yard line, and the ball is taking the ball. After the 31-21, 49 people chose midway gambling kicks but did not take back the right. 49 people used two pauses, let the ramps who don’t enter the anti-retreat to discard kick, this is the 9th abandoned kick of Ryan Quigley. The premium of the sagny highlights, let the ball stopped in a line, and Gibot was killed by the opponent to kill the security score.

At the end of this game, the red ramp 33-21 will win 49 away.

Arizona Renjar: Drew Stanton 286, 124 yards, 2 Dallang, 0 copy; David – Johnson 27 sho, 157 yards, 2 Dallad; Lari Fitzgelad 6 times, 81 yards, 2 reachaes.

49 people in San Francisco: Brian-Gibot 31 passed 18, 162 yards, 1 passed a ball reached, 2 copies, 7 times were killed, 10 shots, 70 yards, 1 punched ball Dance; gram Los – Hyde 22 times, 78 yards, 1 Dallang, 6th, 36 yards; Jerry Mi-Koji 8 times, 102 yards, 1 to 1 Deta.

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