[Inventory] the record holder of rookie training camp

Rookie camp is for all wholesale nfl jerseys china players who want to join a showcase for their skills. The stage is now becoming more and more interesting, some say the team to be here to explore celebrity star, some people think it is just a track and field. So the fact is kind of how? You can pick out the stars of tomorrow from rookie training camp in the project? There is no single answer, some stars have performed poorly in his rookie training camp, for example – Tom Brady. However, those who did well in training camp players, basically get the opportunity to play in the NFL. What data can explain the training camp, or judge for yourself.

40 yards sprint

This is a classic project, the subject of attention, because in the first speed NFL. In 2008, running back Chris – Johnson (Chris Johnson) ran in 4.24 seconds this project a success, it has become a new benchmark, but no one can reach this level.

Tennessee Titans in the first round 24th overall pick Johnson, he ran for six consecutive seasons of data over 1000 yards, including the second year in a single season ran a total of 2006 yards, became the best run in the history of NFL single-season guard.

Johnson in 2009 became the Offensive Player of the Year, this time he was already three Pro Bowl players. But the Titans with his final surrender in 2014, the New York Jets signed him, but the 2014 season and played poorly, nfl jerseys from china got only 663 yards. Now the Jets are no longer contract with Johnson, he will become a free market players, aged 30 years old.

Shuttle run 20 yards

Jason – Allen (Jason Allen) to 3.81 seconds to become record holder in 2006. The pursuit of speed in terms of the Miami Dolphins defensive backs in the first round 16th pick to sign Allen.

Allen’s career is fairly decent, but his performance has never been more than expected within the normal range of people. After five seasons, the Dolphins with his termination, Allen is now in effect Cincinnati Bengals.

2014 season, which is the last year, Oregon’s wide receiver Blanding – Kukes (Brandin Cooks) tie the record.

Shuttle run 60 yards

Or Blanding – Cooks, last year, 10.72 seconds broke the record. New Orleans Saints for he was very interested in trading up 20 overall pick signed Cooks.

Cooks rookie season immediately return the Saints. A total of 53 catches, 550 yards advancing, there are always two touchdowns. These data only in 10 games to finish, although does not look spectacular, but mainly because he was a certain degree of injuries. Saints basically decided to make him one of the playmaker, Cooks great potential.

Vertical jump

This is a very important indicator for the cornerback, it can be seen that those who jump is lower than the wide receiver, who jump higher.

In 2009, Ohio cornerback Donald – Washington (Donald Washington) to break the record height of 45 ft /1.143 meters. However, different from others, so excellent physical condition does not allow him to be selected in the first round. Finally Kansas City Chiefs drafted him in the fourth round. Everyone thinks his career will be very good, but in fact he had only starting five games in three seasons. Last year he went to the Canadian League.

This year, Georgia wide receiver Chris – Conley (Chris Conley) a draw this result.

Standing long jump

2013 linebacker / defensive segment peak Jamie – Collins (Jamie Collins) to 11 ft 7 ft /3.35 meters became the first.

This year, or this – Chris Conley, tie his record. It also is not another rookie Byron – Jones (Byron Jones) significantly predecessors to break the record, the results are 12 feet 3 inches /3.75 meters.

Shuttle run at right angles

This test is also for the speed of the players, but not the absolute speed, is more concerned about agility.

Oregon wide receiver Jeff – Mel (Jeff Maehl), in 2011 training camp, cheap nfl jerseys from china with 6.42 seconds to break the record of achievement. However, he did not give scouts impressed, and ultimately unsuccessful. Later, the Houston Texans signed him from the free market. Was removed a few years, he came to the Philadelphia Eagles and college mentor Chip – Kelly (Chip Kelly) reunited in 2013, played 16 games last season, 2014 season, playing eight games.

Bench press

Playing in the NFL, you must be strong enough for the job. But this does not mean that it is only strong enough. Defensive tackle Stephen – school (Stephen Paea) also from Oregon in 2011, pushing 225 lbs / 102 kg 49 times, breaking the record. Chicago Bears signed him in the second round, now he gradually progress to become the starting rotation, a career 77 tackles, 6 sacks.

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