Sea Eagle takes over Taylor – Lockete calf brown medical treatment

Seattle Hawks became the first team of 49 people in San Francisco this season, but they also payded.

According to Pete Carroll, Pete Carroll said that the sea eagle took over Thaler Rockte, which continent in the competition, caused severe swelling, and has been taken to nearby hospitals to receive treatment.

Lockte took 49 people in the last time of the regular season, but he did not participate in the team’s overtime, his leg injury has been serious to receive additional treatment.

The contusion is often mistaken to be otherwise injuries, but the players who have been contusted are not common to the hospital so quickly. The outside world is worried that Rockete may encounter a chamber symptom, cheap jerseys which is acute swelling in the calf, and if it is serious, emergency surgery needs to be accepted.

When Carol accepted a reporter, cheap jerseys from china heard that Lockte was still subject to surgery. He said that the team considered letting him stay in the hospital. Obviously Carol is worried about the health of Rockte, but at the same time, the information on his hand is also very limited.

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