NFL be the first sports alliance in China Sina Weibo on Sina Weibo

On December 28, 2016, the American Professional Rugby General Union (NFL) announced that today and China’s leading social media platform Sina Weibo has signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

In addition to the six conventional games broadcast in the past few weeks, Sina Weibo will also broadcast the last week of the regular season, three playoffs and super bowls, this is wholesale nfl jerseys as the first sports alliance and Sina. A pioneering sports communication agreement.

Zhang Wei, the head of Sina Weibo, said: “We are very happy to build a strategic partnership with nfl jerseys. I hope that the future can help NFL better expand the Chinese market share, you can let Weibo users watch live broadcast and in Watch the short video content of the game after the game, and these content will be forwarded and spread by the user. Based on the event, we will also jointly promote advertising commercialization with NFL. We also believe that social media will be a core position promotion at home and abroad. Sports + social will be the most important part of the industrial chain. “

Nfl General Manager Richard Young said: “Sina Weibo will be NFL to promote the extension of China, attracting fans. We are very excited to promote NFL events to hundreds of millions of fans with Sina Weibo. We firmly believe that Sina Weibo’s long-term partnerships will be very valuable to NFL and China Sponsors. “

Sina Weibo is one of the most popular social networking sites in China. It has an active user (DAU), 297 million active users (MAU), which is equivalent to Twitter and YouTube of the United States. There is 100 million information daily information on Weibo.

Currently, NFL has more than 1500,000 online viewers every week, while the viewing numbers are still growing. In addition, there are more than 5 million views of the NFL video short film per week, and many users pay attention to the early competition by watching the game.

In addition to the game live game through Weibo account, NFL will also release short video, highlights, and other NFL video content, including 10 best balls per week, 5 good running balls and balls per week.

Through this cooperation, NFL further expands its communication in China’s digital media platform, providing Chinese users with top sports entertainment video content through more platforms, more convenient ways.

About NFL

Founded in 1920, the American Professional Rugby Union (NFL) is called “one of the most well-operated companies in the United States.” As a global top sports entertainment brand, its commercial architecture, core value and innovative policies are generally recognized, and the high quality competition level of the event is also guaranteed. As the US First Sports Union, NFL has 32 teams distributed in the United States, and the number of people who love more than other three major alliances NBA (basketball), MLB (baseball), NHL (ice hockey) fans.

NFL’s event content is unprecedented in the United States. According to the statistics of Nielsen, in 2015, the United States had nearly 200 million viewers to watch NFL’s regular season, accounting for 78% of the National TV family and 67% of the total number of TV audiences. Among the top 50 TV programs in the US ratings, NFL competitions occupy 46. Super Bowl & Mdash; NFL’s Champion Pressession is the most popular program in the history of American TV, and it is a popular sports and entertainment event in the world, and nearly 25 languages ​​are broadcast in more than 25 languages ​​in more than 25 languages.

About NFL China

NFL China was established in Beijing in October 2007 showing NFL’s long-term attention to the Chinese market, and is also an important milestone in the development of the international market. NFL China is committed to promoting rugby sports in China, developing NFL fans, enhances the attention and enthusiasm of fans on NFL events through strategic cooperation with multiple media platforms. At the same time, NFL China also focuses on promoting the development of waist flags and vigorously carrying out fans experience activities. According to CCTV So Rui survey, China has more than 19 million people have interested in NFL football in 2015, mostly distributed in a first-tier cities. In this 19 million population, 1 million is NFL’s loyal fans. NFL’s fans group increased by 11 times in the past five years, and studies have shown that NFL’s brand logo is widely known and is closely linked to high quality and reliable image.

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