[Review] Steelman 20-16 reversed the shameless

The steel man rely on the last time Quarten – Rose Roethlisberger, wholesale jerseys online 20-16 reversed the shaped tiger.

The first three sections of the Jaguchi Tiger have established a 16-0 leading advantage and copied it 3 times. But the last moment, the state of the steel person suddenly recovered, and Da B will passed 2 times, and there was still 5 seconds left in the game, and cheap jerseys from china the rush of the ball was harvested, so that the steel man 20-16 achieved the only one in the game.

After this game, the steel person’s record came to 7 wins and 2 points, 1 flat, continued to lead the patriot, sitting on the 2nd seed, wholesale jerseys online while the Jagu Tiger’s record has fallen to 7 losses, the hope of the playoffs is getting more and more 渺.

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