Falcon defensive coach Richard – Smith will be replaced

Atlantan Fematch made some adjustments to the defensive coaching group.

According to the inner people, the defensive coordinator Richard Smith will be replaced, and the defensive front line coach Bryan Cox will be left. Smith may leave a team to serve as a consultant.

In addition, the team is expected to take a new defensive coordinator cheap jerseys from china within the team. Defensive defender coach Makand Manuel (MARQUAND MANUE) and line guards Jeff Ulbrich is two possible candidates.

61-year-old Smith has served as a team defensive coordinator since 2015. Before coming to the Falcon, he served as a Danfo wild horse line guard.

Although most people think that the team’s decision is directly led by the big scores in the super bowl, the team coach – Quinn is prepared for this decision for wholesale nfl jerseys a while, at least Has commanded a half-season defensive team tactics.

Atlanta has now had a new offense coordinator Steve Sarki Sarkisian, they will also find new defensive coordinators.

Despite the improvement in the season in the season, in the 2016 season, the Falcon Defensive Group ranked 27th in the unrestrained arrangement of the League of the League.

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