Anna’s culinary path began at the early age of 12 working at her father’s restaurant, The Mai Kai, in North Bergen, New Jersey. Since then, some of her most memorable experiences over her 30+ years in the hospitality industry have been working in the kitchens of 3 & 4 star chefs in New York such as, Christian Delouver and Gray Kunz.

She acquired many of her skills working alongside chefs and restaurateur, such as Pino Luongo (Le Madre),  Reika Yo (EN Japanese Brasserie), Chef Gabriel Kreuther (The Modern) and Chef Francois Payard (Payard Patisserie).

In 2007, Anna move from NYC to Philadelphia. It was here she met her husband and in 2011 had a baby girl at age 43. She chose to take time off cooking professionally to become a stay at home mom, focusing her energy on raising her daughter.

In 2016, Anna experienced great loss with the passing of her mother and sister-in-law. This increased stress resulted in the discovery of Anna’s Graves’ Disease. By eliminating inflammation causing foods, through a gluten-free diet, she was able to decrease many of its side effects and manage her disease better. This new awareness, inspired her to create a food delivery service that offers gluten-free, healthy, delicious and affordable meals.

Our meals are made with lots of love! Once you’ve tried our meals, you can really taste the difference! Click here to Read our Rave Reviews on Google

MESSAGE FROM ANNA:  Every ingredient in every meal was prepared with great care and love.  I hope you and your family enjoy your meals!    Anna Lee


I have tried several meal delivery services and this is hands down the best meal delivery service around. Anna is an amazing Chef! Her meals are very flavorful and creative so you would never guess that they are gluten free and low carb. There is not one meal so far that my husband or I didn't absolutely love! She really cares about the quality of the food and making her customers happy.

You will not be disappointed in this service.  Anna strives for excellent customer service and perfection.  Her meals are so convenient and packed in easy ready to go containers. The food is delicious and fresh.  There is something for everyone on the menu no matter what your dietary needs.  The convenience of not having to cook then spend all night cleaning dishes is worth it for me.

This food is fabulous! Extremely healthy and tasty. Anna gives great personal service to her customers.

Anna's dishes are creative and amazing!!!! The flavors in every dish are simply delicous. All dishes are prepared fresh and you can definitely tell!   I've never had mashed cauliflower or mashed broccoli that tasted so good. Her dishes are flavorful; she gives you a very generous amount of each dish that I sometimes can make 2 meals out of one; and you can not beat the cost her dishes are very reasonable  Some of may favorites are chicken parm, chicken quesadillas, Japchae (Yam Noodles) with Shrimp & Vegetables, and her newest addition the Seafood Paella is AMAZING!!  

You honestly can not go wrong with Healthy Meals by Anna! You wont be disappointed!

The food is great! I've tried a few of the dishes offered.  The portions are generous and they taste as great as they look! There is a varied menu to choose from.  I love the shrimp dishes and the ribeye was delicious.  The vegetable pairings rounded out the meal nicely.  I also enjoyed the salads for a nice summer meal.  So far, every meal has been a winner!

Healthy Meals by Anna is the best thing that has happened to me and our family!

As a working Mom, it is rather challenging to prepare meals while working a full-time job and managing a busy household.  Our children have certain dietary restrictions and Anna took the time to listen to our concerns and accommodate our needs which is so important to our family.  

Anna not only cares about the food she makes, she also cares about her customers.  She focuses on her customer's needs and delivers outstanding customer service.  Each time we eat one of Anna's delicious meals, it feels like we are sitting at her dining room table.  It really feels good to have a warm meal that is prepared by Anna.  Her food not only tastes great--you will have peace of mind because it is so healthy for you and your loved ones.   The icing on the cake, is that her meals and delivery service are incredibly convenient and completely affordable.

I wish I could recommend a favorite food dish but it is hard to do when you love ALL of Anna's meals.  You can actually taste the love and care Anna pours into preparing each and every one of her delicious meals.  It is clear to me that cooking is Anna's passion and am grateful to her for delivering our meals after a long, busy day at the office.  I am looking forward to ordering her meals as the seasons change because we will have different options and flavors to choose.

Needless to say, I highly recommend ordering from Healthy Meals by Anna.  

I promise, you will not be disappointed!

Of all the prepped meal services this is my favorite.  The meals always arrive fresh and taste just as fresh by week's end.  Unlike other services, whose meals are often bland with small portion sizes, Anna's meals are always flavorful, and her portion sizes always leave me more than satisfied.  

My meal favorites are the paella, shrimp and almond grits, rib eye steak with mashed cauliflower, and any of the japchae noodle dishes.  

Customer service is always friendly and Anna is quick to personally respond to my calls and email.  

A definite must try if you're subscriber of a meal service.

This is the perfect service for busy families who don't have time to cook, but still want healthy delicious meals. Meal planning and prepping can be so stressful! Ordering healthy meals by Anna will free up so much of your time. I've tried many of Anna's creations and they have always been delicious. My son couldn't eat dairy or wheat and she was able to accommodate his specific dietary needs. Plus, Anna herself is so friendly and goes above and beyond for her clients. I highly recommend you try her meals!

Anna has been our preferred catering company for about 6 years now. It is hands down the best food that you'll ever eat!! Anna is so talented and creative!! She will come up with out-of-the-box and exquisite hors d'oeuvres, main courses and deserts. Not to mention the presentation is gorgeous and delicious. Her creative and wonderful decor leaves our guests with their mouth open every time. Anna's has great service and exquisit food. I highly recommend it!